Website for a local business to improve presence and show potential clients galleries of prior work.

developer link to live site

Publication and discussion social platform designed to try a different approach to online interactions.

lead developer link to live site

Browser-based game and chat engine, because why not?

hobby project link to live site

Open Source Projects

shell is a jquery plugin that creates a shell-like interface.

primary developer and maintainer $hell on github

One of the bots used on our public Programming Discussions discord server.
(ask me for an invite!)

contributor, co-maintainer AwesomeBot on github

express-debug is a tool that helps develop apps in node.js using the express framework, including time profiling.

primary developer and maintainer express-debug on github

nunjucks is a Jinja2-inspired templating engine for javascript.

prior contributor -- error system, autoescaping, some filters nunjucks on github

rust-shell is a work-in-progress implementation of sh in Rust, as a learning project.

primary developer and maintainer rust-shell on github